Our Service Offerings

Our services team helps identify and define the need in your business and proposes a relevant IT solution. All our platforms and service solutions aim to improve your operational efficiency, so that you can spend more time on the tasks that have the biggest impact on your goals. Our team can help you:

Develop a new system that helps automate a process

Maintain an existing IT system that is working for you

Migrate or update to a system that improves your business

Case Studies

Outsourced Product Development - Dealer Management System

Hexagon Global was required to develop a SaaS based Dealership Management System primarily for dealers of the auto industry. The system’s objective was to enable automation of all functions at an auto dealer, interface with the manufacturer’s systems and accommodate over 1250 concurrent users.


Our knowledge of the auto-industry gave the client an advantage.

Being a high-availability and high-performance system, the design and architecture needed to be validated and tested. This was possible as we could leverage our partnerships with Microsoft.

Application for simulating a sprinkler system for an irrigation equipment manufacturer

To help engineers decide how machines are to be guided over farms, Hexagon Global set out to create an application that simulates a sprinkler system in a farm area. This system would provide engineers with visual graphical images of the land extent.

Data points such as land dimensions of the corner sections (to which this application caters to), existing sequence of sprinklers, configuration of existing machines and inlet water volumes were used to arrive at the projected water sprinkled over the area. Multiple iterations were done with varying data points. This helped to compare the performance of two different sets of irrigation machines.


Time for a full cycle simulation was reduced from days to a few hours.

Removed costs of visits to the fields and expensive testing.

Accuracy in calculations over manual findings.

These simulations could be carried out on irregular shaped fields as well.

Automating the operations of a Chartered Financial Analyst

Hexagon Global was asked to create a product to replace a Legacy VB/ Access product in the market that would automate the operations of a CFA. The business objective was to create a product that has a lower maintenance cost and lower cost of ownership and hence a much larger target segment.

As an outcome of this engagement, the client also decided in transitioning their IT team to Hexagon Global.


Migrating the legacy system enabled the client drastically reduce support and maintenance costs.

Transitioning their IT team to us enabled them to focus on their core, primarily sales, marketing and interact with the market and obtain feedback on product improvements.

License management, automatic patch and version updates enabled easier administration of the product as well as reduce revenue leakage.

Developing a Retirement Fund Management System

Hexagon Global was required to develop a Back Office System for maintenance of the inflow and outflow of money from retirement funds, along with an online portal to gather and process data from multiple sources.

A model was created wherein any employee working at participating organizations automatically becomes a participant of the retirement fund and can start making contributions to their retirement plan. The model works such that, once money is received by the fund, it maintains the participant’s records and keeps track of how much money was contributed by the employee and how much was received as a matching contribution from the organization. The money thus collected from various participating organizations is invested in various avenues. The returns generated on these investments are then distributed to the participants of the fund as interest and experience dividends.


Enhanced and stable interfaces supporting the statutory compliance needs of the pension fund in a timely fashion

Support for 100+ concurrent users and more than 2000 users of the application.

Better architecture and design as well as reusable components with multiple interfaces.

A specialized team of developers and domain experts available to the client.

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